The target of the entire system is to increase the substitution rate on the main burner up to 100 % (depending on material composition) with solid alternative fuel.

To achieve this target three significant steps are necessary:

  • New fine grinding equipment
  • Drying step
  • New burning equipment

With the MASTER System, A TEC will optimize the core of the plant and improve the firing of the kiln for individual fuel mixes and the secondary fuels used. The MASTER System is an intelligent combination of two advanced components – the Rocket Mill and the Flexiflame EcoPro® rotary kiln burner.

The MASTER System increases the TSR significantly. By combining the mill and the burner, a substitution rate of 100 % of solid alternative fuel is possible. Click here to read more about the MASTER system: Product brochure


  • Increased fuel substitution rates
  • Higher efficiency with same alternative fuel source
  • Complete solution from one hand –from waste to fuel CO2 savings
  • Low maintenance
  • Low energy consumption per ton
  • Free from conventional fuel prices fluctuations
  • Improved fuel quality

As the MASTER system is a complete system from the drying/grinding until the flame, the contamination with foreign and oversized bodies is not possible.