Alternative Fuels RDF - Solutions

Alternative Fuels RDF - Solutions

We offer complete technical solutions in the form of our:

  • Plastic Preparation Process (PPP)
  • Tire Preparation Process (TPP)
  • Domestic Waste Preparation (MTP, Mechanical-Thermal Process)
  • Wood Preparation Process (WPP)
  • Animal Meal Preparation Process (APP)
  • Waste Oil Preparation Process (OPP)
  • Sewage Sludge Preparation Process (SPP)
  • Any other type of secondary fuels

The major problem in nearly all waste preparation processes is the separation of light and heavy components, combustible and incombustible components, separation of components to be fed to the burner or kiln separately, removal of hazardous components and the removal and avoidance of bacteria, mould and unpleasant odor. Storage, smooth continuous feeding & dosing and finally adjustment of the kiln process to the new operation parameters are essential.

A TEC has developed a unique and well proven equipment for the complex separation of domestic waste materials in the form of a counter rotating sieve drum with evacuation for pneumatic extraction of very light components and separation of calorific value components from metal, glass and mineral components.

Especially for “sticky” and difficult to feed waste materials (like animal meal, plastic foils, domestic waste etc.) A TEC has designed a blockage-free dosing- and feeding system that has been well-proven in numerous successful installations.

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