Consulting Service

A TEC Consulting

A basic requirement when building new plants or modernising existing plants is to have access to independent market surveys, to select appropriate process routes and the right equipment, to shorten the implementation time and to reducecosts significantly overall.

In order to make the right decisions, investors and plant operators rely on A TEC the independent consulting partner for the construction of cement plants. A TEC has acquired valuable expertise in all aspects of the production process due to its position as the technology leader in cement pyroprocess technology. We use our technological expertise and market knowledge to get you the most efficient plant in the most cost-effective method by the fastest and most reliable method possible.

Advantages of A TEC CONSULTING:

  • Full breadth of process engineering expertise - for a customised plant with maximum efficiency
  • Best connections to suppliers’ markets worldwide - as the only consultant for global cement plant construction we have an independent subsidiary in Beijing, China
  • The independence of a specialist - so that you obtain the best possible technology and components
  • EPCM service - complete takeover of all project activities in close cooperation with customer work groups